Create An Effective Dialogue With Parents

Send Updates Easily

Send updates and notifications to some or all parents via the app, email or text in seconds! Include photos or videos with narrative. No need to memorize emails and phone numbers.

Manage Parent Involvment

Parents get the updates they crave and are better equipped to reinforce your lessons with their kids at home.

Document Your Class Progress

Li'l Rabbits automatically creates a beautiful timeline for your classroom so that you and parents can look back at how the kids developed throughout the year.

Parents Love Li'l Rabbits

Parents get a private timeline for just their kids that automatically captures what the kids do at school along with anything the parents themselves post. They now get a 360° record of their child's development.
Parents can easily share their kids timelines with close members of the family to keep them updated on what the kids are doing at home and at school.
Parents have complete ownership of their data and can do with it as they please. Unlike other platforms, we strongly believe these precious assets belong to the user and should be treated as such.

Our Pledge

We know how important a child's development is during the early years and the importance of having involved parents. And we pledge to keep it simple, safe and private.


We believe teachers should maximize their time with the kids. To that end, we've built Li'l Rabbits to be simple to use and share updates with parents.


No one is comfortable posting precious pictures of their loved ones on sites that sell your data to advertisers. We pledge to never sell or share your data to anyone. It's yours - do with it as you please. You can also delete your account anytime if you choose.


You can control who has access to your class's data. Comfortably share photos and videos of your classroom, knowing that only parents have access.