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Getting Started

What is Li'l Rabbits?

Li'l Rabbits aims to give parents a secure place on the web to share what we think are some of their most precious digital assets. More and more parents are often sharing and posting updates of their kids on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter without understanding the ramifications of doing so. For instance, did you know that once someone re-shares or re-posts your pictures, you no longer have control of it on Facebook?

Li'l Rabbits builds a timeline of your children as you post on this site or Facebook. You can invite just a select group of people to share in your children’s updates by adding their names and email addresses. Li'l Rabbits will automatically send them alerts when you post with your picture or video and they can reply back with comments. And they never signed up for anything!

How is it more secure than other alternatives?

We believe that protecting your data is of utmost importance. That is why we go to lengths to make sure that your photos and videos are protected and secure. Unlike some sites, everything you post on Li'l Rabbits is private by default and will only be available to the subscribers you add to your account. Each account is also password protected to make sure that no one can freely discover and access your data.

We also encrypt all your data when we store it on our servers and anytime we link to you photos or videos (on the application or emails) we use temporary URLs that expire after a period of time.

You can read more about what we do on our blog.

Setting Up Your Account

How can I invite my spouse/partner to join my Li'l Rabbits account?
Yes you can! In fact we highly encourage it. Simply log in to your account and go to your profile page. Click on the Access tab and add your significant other’s name and email address. Make sure to select “Spouse” as the access level and click on Add. Li'l Rabbits will then send an email to your spouse/partner inviting them to join your account.
Can I use a custom domain for my timeline?
At the moment we do not support custom domains. If this is something that is important to you, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at

Syncing With Facebook

Why should I link in my Facebook account?

We’ve found that parents love posting on Facebook. While they may not post all their pictures of their children on Facebook, they do like the easy or ubiquity of the social network. And we built Li'l Rabbits to try and work with your current habits as much as possible.

But if your parents are not using Facebook or your brother is too cool for Facebook, they are still missing out on all the great stuff your posting. By linking in your Facebook account, we will automatically find posts of your baby and bring them into your timeline at Li'l Rabbits and send your subscribers an alert. Now grandma and the hipster uncle also get updates and can stay in the loop.

How do you find pictures of my children on Facebook?

We use a variety of ways to identify posts of your children. The most obvious way we know its a post we should fetch is if you use the hashtag #lilrabbits in your post or the comments. So next time you’re posting a picture of your kid on Facebook, just add that hashtag and we’ll make sure all your subscribers on Li'l Rabbits also get to see the post.

Some other ways we determine a post is worth fetching is if it contains your kids name or pet names or any other keywords that help us know it is a post about your child. We also look at how your posts are tagged on Facebook, for instance, if you uploaded a video/photo and tagged your spouse (or vice versa).

When do you pick up my posts from Facebook?
Currently we scan your Facebook once a night, but if you are interested in more often scans, let us know by emailing us at
Can I post on both Li'l Rabbits and Facebook?
Absolutely! When post via the web, simply click on the Facebook logo before you submit the post. Alternatively, if you are posting via email, add the suffix “+fb” to the email address (for example and we’ll post to Facebook on your behalf as well.

Posting Pictures And Videos

How can I post to Li'l Rabbits?
You can post videos and pictures via the web or your mobile phone by accessing logging into your account and accessing the timeline. You can also post via email by emailing from the email address associated to your account.
How can I email in my pictures or videos to Li'l Rabbits?

To post via email, send an email containing your pictures and videos to Li'l Rabbits (ideally under 50MB per email) and put the title of the story in your subject. Make sure to send the email using the same email address associated with your Li'l Rabbits account.

If you have multiple children, you can tag each child in your post by sending the post to their Li'l Rabbits email address that was created when you added that child to your account, for example Add as many children in the “To” field of the email as you’d like. Sending the email to will tag all your children in that post.

Does Li'l Rabbits support video?
We most certainly do! Upload videos you take on your phones, tables or cameras via the web or email and we’ll post them to your children’s timeline as well as alert your subscribers of the new post.

Adding Subscribers

How can my family and friends use Li'l Rabbits without ever signing up?

Making Li'l Rabbits simple to use for your family members and friends is one of our primary goals. We did want to require them to register for yet another service online and as busy parents who has the time to chase them down to get them to do that! So we decided to sign them up for you. When you add a subscriber to your account, their user account automatically gets generated and they can now login to view your timeline using the email address you used to invite them and the timeline password you created.

Furthermore, many times grandparents and other family members may not be savvy enough to use a new site like Li'l Rabbits. But if they are comfortable with email, they will get alerts each time you post and can also reply back to those alerts with their comments. Grandma can now stay updated on what her grand kids are doing without ever opening a web browser.

What kind of controls do I have for limiting access to my pictures and videos?

Firstly, Li'l Rabbits is private by default, hence your pictures and videos will only be available to people you add as subscribers to your account. In addition, when you add a new subscriber, you have the option to set their access level ranging from being an admin for the account (for example your spouse), to being able to post or being able to comment and view or just view your timeline.

At any time you can also remove a subscriber from your account and they will no longer be able to access your timeline or get email alerts when you post.

Other Questions

What are some cool ways I can use Li'l Rabbits, other than the obvious use case of sharing with my friends and family?
Have you ever wanted to know what you’re kids are doing while they are with a nanny, baby sitter or at day care. With Li'l Rabbits you can! Just add the care provider to your Li'l Rabbits account have them email in pictures or videos during the day to keep you and your family members updated on what your kids are doing.
Is there a mobile app for Li'l Rabbits?
Currently, a mobile app is not available however Li'l Rabbits works great on your phone or tablet’s web browser. We recommend bookmarking your timeline link so that you can pull it up easily. You can even post the pictures you’re taking on your phone to the website very easily.