Stay In Control Of Your Posts

Li'l Rabbits creates a beautiful password protected timeline for your children. You have complete control over who gets to view it.
You are in control of what you post. All your photos and videos are yours. Download it or delete it anytime you choose!
Invite just your close family and friends to join your timeline. You control their access levels and give each one just the right level of options.

Post Kid Pics on Facebook? Then Try Li'l Rabbits!

Li'l Rabbits will intelligently find posts of your kids on Facebook and sync them down into your timeline. You can also use #lirabbits when you post on Facebook to force Li'l Rabbits to pull in a post.
Grandparents not social media savvy? No worries. Li'l Rabbits will send them daily emails of anything it finds about your kids on Facebook.
Monitor the privacy settings of your posts on Facebook. Get alerts anytime you post something to Facebook of your kid that has too broad a privacy setting.

Our Pledge

We know how important it is to be able to share the joys of watching your little ones grow up with close friends and family. That is why we built Li'l Rabbits. And we pledge to keep it simple, safe and private.


Set up your account once and thats it! Li'l Rabbits will automatically build your timeline as you post on Facebook or on the site and keep your loved ones notified. Friends and family can select their level of engagement via emails or through the web.


No one is comfortable posting precious pictures of their loved ones on sites that sell your data to advertisers. We pledge to never sell or share your data to anyone. It's yours - do with it as you please. You can also delete your account anytime if you choose.


You can control who has access to your baby's timelines. Comfortably share photos and videos of your baby, knowing that only your close family and friends have access.

What Parents Are Saying

I do appreciate the fact that Li'l Rabbits is private and I am more apt to post pictures there rather than to Facebook for that reason.

Alycia P., Mother

I love this service! Sharing pictures of my baby with my family overseas has never been easier. They can now share in the fun without needing a Facebook account!

Maria R., Mother

Li'l Rabbits helps me stay up to date with my grandson. I look forward to the emails with his pictures and videos. They make it easier to keep up with how fast he's growing, even though I am 3000 miles away.

Amita G., Grandmother